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Map of Biddeford Pool
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"The Pool", which is a relatively large tidal pool, connected at the northeastern corner to the ocean through a narrow opening known as "the Gut", is a great area to explore, with a salt marsh at the southwestern and northwestern corners. The section of the Pool closest to the Gut, where boats are moored, has water at all tide stages, but most of the pool is dry 3-4 hours before and after high tide. The best launch site is the town landing, also known as Vines Landing, which is on the eastern shore of the gut. Tidal currents are extremely strong here, so make sure you time your trip with the tide. If you want to paddle in to the ocean, you can do so at any stage of the tide, just be prepared for some brisk paddling for the first few minutes after launching if you are paddling against the tide. If you want to explore the Pool, it's best to time your trip with High Tide in the middle of the duration, so you ca ride the incoming current in, and the outgoing back out. Parking is available at the launch site at no cost, but is somewhat limited.
To the west of the Gut on the ocean side lies Hills Beach, which leads to the mouth of the Saco River.
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