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Map of Cape Porpoise Harbor
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Cape Porpoise is the quintessential Maine harbor. The harbor is separated in to 2 sections. The main harbor is where you'll see many lobster boats and the Pier, where lobsters are unloaded. The pier and the channel between the lighthouse and the pier are areas to avoid as much as possible, as this is a working harbor and can get pretty busy at times.To the east lies Stage Harbor, a quieter area surrounded by islands. These islands are accessible, but beware of Poison Ivy if you venture in to the interior sections of them. Camping is allowed on some of the islands, but you must get a permit from the Kennebunkport Police Station, which is available at no cost. Please be sure to carry out what you carry in, and practice "leave no trace", which means leave the islands as you found them.
Goat Island Light, which is at the main entrance to Cape Porpoise Harbor is a working lighthouse, which has been restored to its original state over the past few years by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, which also owns several of the other islands in Cape Porpoise. You are welcome to paddle to Goat Island and land at the beach area on the northeastern side. If you're lucky, you might even get a tour of the Lighthouse!
On the western side of the harbor, there is a marsh with a small creek that connects to Turbats Creek. This creek, along with many other areas in Cape Porpoise is only accessible about 3 hours either side of High Tide. During the lower half of the tide cycle, many parts of the harbor, including openings between the islands, turn to mud flats, and become inaccessible, so plan accordingly.

The preferred launch site in Cape Porpoise is at the Causeway on Pier Road, about 100 yards before the end of the road. There is limited parking at the launch site itself, but you can park just past the causeway on the right side of the road, or at the Pier Parking lot. Please note that kayak launching at the pier is prohibited during summer months. There is no charge to park, but it gets very busy, and parking does become limited at times. There is no overnight parking allowed at the Causeway, so if you're camping, make sure to park in the Pier Parking lot. The Causeway is a popular launch site for locals and visitors alike, so please be courteous and don't block the main access. This site is used to launch boats from trailers as well, so make sure to keep the main way to the water clear. The Causeway launch is a clean launch 2 hours either side of high tide. You have another 1/2 hour in addition if you're ok with getting a little muddy. Any time within 3 hours of low tide, there is no water anywhere nearby, which renders this site unusable for launching.
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