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Goose Rocks Beach

Goose Rocks Beach

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The easiest launch site is at the end of Jefferys Way at the eastern end of the beach. Kayaks can be easily unloaded at the beach access point. Please don’t spend more time than necessary unloading, as space is limited. There is no parking on Jefferys way, other than one handicapped accessible space. In order to park anywhere in the Goose Rocks Beach area, you must have a Town of Kennebunkport parking sticker. These are available for $15 per day to non residents, with weekly and seasonal passes available as well. You can purchase the stickers at the Town Hall, the Police Station, or at the Goose Rocks Beach General Store, at 3 Dyke Road, Kennebunkport. This is generally the most convenient option, as you drive by it on the way in to Goose Rocks. Only cash is accepted for purchase of the stickers, so make sure you come prepared.

The Area

Goose Rocks Beach is an ideal place to paddle when tides at other locations are not favorable. This area is accessible regardless of the tide. However, Little River (at the eastern end of the beach) and Batsons Creek (at the western end of the beach) are best explored around high tide. As with any tidal rivers and marshes, the current flows upriver between low and high tide. It reverses direction and flows out between high and low tide.
Goose Rocks Beach is also a great spot for kayaking with kids. You can stop anywhere along the 2 mile stretch of sandy beach for a break. Goosefare bay, which the beach is nestled in provides protection from waves coming on from the ocean. A strong wind, especially from a southerly direction will make the water fairly rough though. There is some added protection inside the “Goose Rocks”. These islands are about 100 yards off the beach in the central and western parts. Especially at lower tide levels, these block waves from the ocean.

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